An Imperial Affliction Chapter Summary

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1. Hazel goes to support group. Hazel was ordered to attend a weekly support group because her mother and doctor believed she was depressed. When she [begrudgingly] attends the support group for kids with cancer she mets the boy who will change her life. Augustus is a survivior who got one of his legs amputated to escape his cancer. He is an energetic, optimistic, cute stranger that Hazel immediately takes interest in.
2. Augustus asks Hazel about her "story ' '. He teaches her that her life did not start when she got cancer. For the longest time, Hazel only focused on her terminal cancer. Augustus manages to open her up and get her to tell him about the girl she was before her cancer and the girl that she can still be.
3. Hazel shares her favorite book with Augustus. This book, An Imperial Affliction, has consumed Hazel 's life since she picked it up. The book is about a girl who has a rare form of cancer who lives with her mom. Hazel immediately connected to the tale. The story takes a sad twist when the book ends in mid sentence. She has groveled over this book for years and it is very precious to her. Hazel considers the author, Peter Van Houten, as one of her best friends and contiually writes to him because after he wrote the
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Similar to Hazel, I too have struggled with who I am. So many things can shape who a person is in life and a lot of events and people have made me who I am today. My friends and family have molded me. A big part of who I am is because of my parents ' divorce, my life has been split from the beginning. My twin brother also has had a big role in who I 've become. People are [especially as children] always compared to their siblings, but with a twin it is always worse because you share everything. Another large portion of my personality is contributed by my friends. Their decisions and habits affect mine. However, the rest of my identity is on my shoulders. I am truly the only one who can decide

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