An Indian Father's Plea: An Analysis

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Did you know being culturally different can affect the way a person views others and the world ? Today in the present , everyone judges each other based on their cultural beliefs and other cases, their physical look.I believe someone 's cultural knowledge demonstrates a tremendous effect on the way an individual view others and their surroundings. Culture highly affects a person 's knowledge. In "An Indian Father 's Plea",a letter written by Robert Lake explained that he doesn 't understand why the teacher has branded Wind-Wolf a "slow learner." Before Wind-Wolf attended school, he learned many things about his culture and his tribe. He 's a smart kid, "he knows the names and migration patterns of over forty birds and he even knows that…show more content…
In the novel excerpt, "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan the extent Ni-Kans mom pressuring her to fit in and be part of the prodigy culture is huge, but little does she know that because of the pressure put on Ni-Kan, when she grows up her view of that culture is impacted by what happened when she was little. Ni-Kan (the daughter) wants to live her life how she wants and do what she likes to do. On the other hand, her mom wants a different path for her daughter. She wants her daughter to become a prodigy. They 're not on the same page at all. “I 'm not going to play anymore.” Ni-Kan said nonchalantly. “Why should I? I 'm not a genius…. I now felt stronger, as if my true self had finally emerged.” Ni-Kan finally stood up for herself. She decided and accepted that she couldn 't become who her mom wanted her to become a “prodigy”. She didn 't want to be a part of that culture of being this amazing artist or actor that her mom wants her to be part of and ever since then Ni-Kan didn 't look at her mom the same or the prodigies. Her opinion about the prodigy culture and how she used to view the world changed entirely. Her opinion now was greatly influenced by how her mom tried to force her into a culture she never
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