An Indian Father's Plea By Robert Lake, Wind-Wolf

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Culture plays a large role on how someone views others and the world. Some things that can affect some one’s perspective are their childhood, past experiences, and their ethnic background. In “An Indian Father’s Plea” by Robert Lake, Wind-Wolf’s father, Medicine Grizzly Bear, explains why his child isn’t a slow learner, and that he is just different from the other children in an educational way. He say’s this because his son has been taught differently than the other children- because of his Indian culture. Your childhood can affect your view of the world tremendously. Since Medicine Grizzly Bear grew up with an Indian culture, and his son is in the process of growing up with the same culture, they view the world in contrasting ways than the other students. “He has been taught to watch and…show more content…
Bharati and Mira both have been living in the U.S. for 35 years and America is changing the way Bharati views her Indian culture and the world. She feels like she can express herself and be herself, Mira still stays true to her Indian culture. Mira told Bharati “she hopes to go home to India when she retires” (Mukherjee 70) Mira married an Indian man they had to get their labor certifications her sister Bharati married a man outside her ethnic culture he was a Canadian man. Mira and Bharati look at America differently, Mira doesn’t feel like America is where she belongs she wants to go back home and Bharati is just being herself living her life she likes her American life. Although Bharati and Mira have the same ethnic background, Bharati on the other hand, doesn’t let her cultural ethnicity affect her views on the world around her, showing that ethnic background doesn’t necessarily have to change your views all the time. But most of the time, it will have an affect on your
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