An Informative Analysis: March Of The Penguins

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A Informative Analysis on March of the Penguins
"This is not a story about surviving, it is a love story" Director, Luc Jacquet in his Documentary(2005), "March of the Penguins", implies that penguins are fascinating reptiles that have adapted to Antarctica's frigid climate. He develops his claim by first introducing the audience with an illustration of Antarctica's weather, then the narrator uses logos to emphasize the subzero climate. Finally he uses footages of the penguins trudging and swimming to their destination. Jacquet's purpose is to inform in order to show how far Penguins will travel for love. He creates an informative tone for the audience that do not know about the life of Penguins.
First Jacquet introduces Antarctica. He states "The average temperature here at the bottom of
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He exclaims "We're not exactly sure how they find their way. Perhaps they were assisted by the sun or the stars or invisible compasses inside them." Eventually all the Penguins will meet at the same place. "When the Penguins are tired of walking they use their bellies instead." "The reason the Penguins migrate to a specific destination is because the ice is thicker below there feet so their young won't accidentally fall in the ocean." The Penguins are really smart. After they arrive to their destination they start to find a mate.
Jacquet films the Penguins mating. He uses real footages to show the bond between them. Penguins are a loving animal. Jacquet shows Penguins rubbing their beaks together. "For the next eight months these two will participate in an ancient and complicated affair. There will be tenderness there will be separation there will be reunion and if their partnership is successful there will be new life." Jacquet states that they have great relationships. "As winter descends the only defense against the freezing cold is the group itself." Jacquet shows the Penguins huddled together almost like making another

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