An Informative Essay On Crazy Cane's Monster

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Have you seen those creepy monsters walking around your neighborhood during Halloween time? You think they 're monsters right? You might be surprise whats under those masks. Nothing.... Pure flesh...

CrazyMae was a funny and outgoing person. You may think he 's scary but his name doesn 't really go with him. His parents gave him that name CrazyMae, assuming he would be the scariest one in town, but in reality he was the friendliest. The other monsters were way scarier. They all made fun of him, especially the other monsters. All the other monsters thought he was lame, but they wouldnt give him a chance to be himself. He always tried to be scary but he would just make a fool of himself. He was once walking down the street when he
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In his town, "Monsterville" Halloween was a big part to that town. Every Halloween they would go to the next door town and scare people. Actual humans. The monster with the most scares won. CrazyMae really wanted to win because the winner won 5,000 goblins. ( Goblins are money) The monsters that participated got a watch that counted how many people they scared. CrazyMae wanted those goblins to buy his parents a new house because their old one got attacked by their worst enemies. The Grizzious. The thing was that Sour Cane always won. Sour Cane was huge, orange, red eyed, and had scary looking teeth. As sharp as the knifes butchers use. That helped him get the most scares. CrazyMae was determined to win. He practiced and practice but couldnt scare anyone. It made him feel devastated. Instead of scaring them he would make him them laugh their heads off. He was screwed. It was the night before Halloween, CrazyMae was scared out of his mind! On Halloween Queen Mercy gave all the contestants the watch that counted the scares. All the monsters arrived to the town and scattered. CrazyMae was walking when he bumbled into a human. A little girl, she seemed to be eight or nine. He froze and tried to scare her, but he rather didn 't scare her. They began to talk and CrazyMae started to make the human laugh. His watch began to beap. His watch began to grow in numbers. The watch grew if you made someone laugh or scream! CrazyMae was so happy. He ran around and began to make peiple laugh. The night ended and fhey went back to Monsterville. Sour Cane got less than CrazyMae. CrazyMae won! He got the goblins! He was so
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