An Informative Essay: The Evolution Of Hip Hop Culture

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When I hear someone mention hip hop, I always think of old school music. I’m not talking about Tupac or old or even NWA, I’m talking about Run DMC, or Beastie Boys, back when it was more clean music with some really old school rhymes. I know that’s not all of what hip-hop is, but it is what always comes to mind whenever I think of hip-hop. Deep down with this though, I feel that it is so much more than just a picture or image that flashes into my head; hip-hop is what I would consider a living thing that is forever growing and changing. Hip-hop grows and changes like people, in many of the same ways that people may change throughout their lifetime. As hip-hop grows older, it has changed and developed into so many different things, from when it started off as just one type of music with one sound, to where it is now, with so many sub genres that it is almost uncountable. Like…show more content…
With hip-hop, just like any person, it has a purpose for its existence. I believe solely that the purpose of hip-hop is to represent a culture. Now saying this is a very vague statement, and that’s exactly how hip-hop is, vague. You see, when hip-hop started off, it was meant for one culture, which was the underprivileged; it didn’t have anything to do with race when it came to hip-hop, as you had mentioned in class that even in the early days of hip-hop there were white rappers. Since then though, it has branched out more sub genres in different parts of the world, but its true purpose has remained the same, which is to represent a culture. Now even though it no longer solely represents the same culture it was started in, it still represents a culture, no matter which. I believe that the start of hip-hop in the Bronx was more of the foundation that was laid out, and allowed more MC’s from different parts of the world to show their talent and their message to their specific culture that they were raised

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