An Informative Essay: The Legend Of Kachina

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Kachina who lived in a forest clearing with her native tribe. She longed to know what life was like on the other side of the river for she had lived in the north all her life. She would even climb trees and try as hard as she could to look beyond the thicket. Kachina’s father, Lord Bly, discovered that Kachina had been trying to see past the river. He was extremely upset with her, because trying to cross the river or making any contact with the Englishmen on the other side was strictly forbidden. “Have you lost your senses?” lord Bly asked. “They are poisonous; they destroy everything they touch!”Lord Bly walked away before Kachina could protest. She knew she would be in deep trouble if…show more content…
Inside there was a small fire and logs to sit around it. Kachina took a seat and the shaman sighed. “Little Adsila I know you long to see the rest of the world so let me show you the wonders of the Englishmen.” The shaman threw a black powder into the fire and the fire grew taller. In the fire were images of the Englishmen chopping trees, blowing up caves and torturing animals. They were destroying the land they had lived on for thousands of years. The images blurred away and the shaman sat down beside her. “You see little Adsila the Englishmen destroy the land they step on. Your father does not want you getting hurt, their men are getting closer to the river day by day and your father is weary of what will happen if they cross the river.” The shaman looked at Kachina, his face old with wisdom. “Now go harvest the corn with the other woman and do not go wandering off.” And with that the shaman disappeared into the cave. Kachina Walked slowly to the corn field thinking about how she had seen that man at the river and how different he was from the brutal men shown in the…show more content…
“Come with me I will take you to your father he will know what to do.” And with that he turned and beckoned for her to follow. Ounce they had woken up her father she told him what had happened. “Ahiga we must act now quickly and quietly in the dark, take your men across the river and do your job.” “Yes lord Bly I will take twenty men immediately.” Ahiga swiftly turned around and ran into the dark. Kachina had her loud bangs the other night but was deep in her sleep to wake up completely and now she realized that war must have taken place. However the infirmary was empty except the healer and two other elder tribe members. She ran to Ahigas cot and found him sleeping peacefully. “Ahiga, Ahiga!” Ahiga turned around and opened one eye looking groggily. “What happened last night did your men not go and fight the Englishmen?” Ahiga sat up straight and looked at Kachina with a small smile. “Princess Kachina we gave them a surprise and attacked in the cover of dark, not one man was hurt.” He looked at Kachina with great pride and puffed his chest. “We will reclaim that land soon princess you need not to worry.” Kachina looked at him wanting to know more of what happened but knew he was tired and left him to sleep more. She skipped on over to the river where she heard yelling and dogs barking. “I just found two more dead captain.” The voices of the men sounded bitter and mournful. “That’s 40 bodies in all, have you gone mad!” “No sir
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