An Informative Speech About Thanksgiving People

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Thanksgiving is coming, and I want ask you if you know, what does it mean ? Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated to eat the food with who we love or like such as our family.

Some people ,they donot and cannot have like what we have, but they can share us our plates . Many of the people suffer from hunger and poorst also ailment when we can help them. therefore I decide with group of people to establish small center to help the weak people, and we will try to make the best in the next Thanksgiving to see the smile on faces poor people. , but we can not start without your support because we do not have enough money also we need foe more stuffs.
We make a plans for our system and from that, you can helo us, we have three group of food :
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Second,medium plate, it cost 15$.
Third, small plate, it cost 10$.
Try to do all your effort to help us even if you do not have enough money you can help us by send this letter to you friend ,and in future the community will say to you Thank You also they will remaber your name .

(Thanksgiving Center)
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