An Introduction Of The Point Pleasant Bridge: The Point Pleasant Bridge

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Introduction (2) The Silver bridge , which was originally known as The Point Pleasant Bridge was designed by the J.E. Greiner Company and was approved by the 69th Congress of United Stated to be constructed by Gallia Country Ohio River Bridge Company on May 13th 1926. The West Virginia Ohio River Bridge Corporation then built the bridge as a private venture through the year 1927 to 1928 to connect Point Pleasant , West Virginia to Gallipolis , Ohio. It was built next to a railway bridge and had strikingly different designs. It had a 22 foot roadway and one 5 food sidewalk. It only took one year for the construction of the two-lane eyebar suspension bridge to be completed and was open to traffic on Memorial Day of 1928. When opened, it was named Gateway to the South . Eventually, it was named Silver Bridge for being the first bridge to be painted in aluminium paint in the U.S which gave it a silver appearance. It is still referred to with different names such as Point Pleasant Bridge or U.S. 35 Highway Bridge today. The Bridge was also unique not only for its silver appearance but for a suspension bridge because it was different compared to any other suspension bridge made in the U.S. at that time as each cable was made of a set of eyebars instead of the traditional wire strands, the eyebar chains made up the top chord of the stiffening truss over a portion of each of the spans , and each tower base had a rocker to allow it to rotate if the load on the bridge became

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