Point Pleasant Bridge Case Study

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Introduction (2) The Silver bridge , which was originally known as The Point Pleasant Bridge was designed by the J.E. Greiner Company and was approved by the 69th Congress of United Stated to be constructed by Gallia Country Ohio River Bridge Company on May 13th 1926. The West Virginia Ohio River Bridge Corporation then built the bridge as a private venture through the year 1927 to 1928 to connect Point Pleasant , West Virginia to Gallipolis , Ohio. It was built next to a railway bridge and had strikingly different designs. It had a 22 foot roadway and one 5 food sidewalk. It only took one year for the construction of the two-lane eyebar suspension bridge to be completed and was open to traffic on Memorial Day of 1928. When opened, it was…show more content…
The first was to examine the existing practices of bridge inspection and evaluate their effectiveness. The second task force was to plan an early replacement of the bridge. The third task force was to determine the causes of failure under the guidance of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The National Transportation Safety Board initiated a detailed examination of the structure, including its design and maintenance history. NTSB also investigated the wreckage, conducted laboratory tests, and examined the steel members as well as collecting information from eyewitnesses. The results of the investigation were presented in the two reports (Collapse 1968, 1970). Discussion of the…show more content…
Also, a structure must be designed with redundancy to prevent “progressive collapse”, a failed part of the forces must be able to reroute to another path, which means the structure must be redundant. In this case, if the structure with additional bars provided would increase redundancy then the load would have been transferred to the additional bars instead of just one adjacent eye-bar which resulted in failure of the whole eye-bar chain. Other than that, non-destructive inspection methods was studied after the collapse, to ensure all bridges which will be built later can be easily for inspection and

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