An Introduction Of The Powerpuff Girls

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The Powerpuff Girls is a team of 5 beautiful girls. We both come from K39 class of English Education. Firstly, we will introduce about Thuy Linh who is a leader in our team. That is a girl with shoulder-length hair, a gentle smile. Temperament is gentle, courteous with everyone. Especially, she is a good student , responsible and hard-working student. Therefore, she often earns scholarships every semester. Secondly, Linh Duy- She is very pretty with a lovely round face and beautiful dark brown eyes. Although she is not so tall, her black hair is very long and silky. She always smiles with everyone because she thinks her smile could make people feel comfortable and happy. She not only brings fun to others people but also helps people who have difficulties in life. Next, let 's get to know for Huong Giang. She impressed everyone by her face. That is a oval face, and lovely. Besides, Giang has a buck teeth. Giang is a girl personal who does not like being forced to anything by others, including her parents. Because she likes life freedom. She is a person of very few words that makes her to be a good listener. Anyone, who has ever contacted with Giang, thinking about her as a glacial her. In fact she’s really warm and nice. She’s willing to help people whenever possible. The fourth member of the group is Yen Chi. She is a beautiful girl; She was a slim young woman of medium height with wavy, shoulder length blonde hair. She is a generous and easy-going person but when it comes

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