An Invisible Thread

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Have your ever met a homeless kid? . In the book An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski, readers learn about Laura an advertising sales executive, and an 11 year old panhandler named Maurice. The various problems that Maurice is facing in his life include the following: not having shelter, suffering from hunger, failing school, and getting other essential needs. However, there are many resources that can alleviate these problems. (INTRODUCTION) One of the main problems that Maurice faced was shelter. According to (“homelessness record”) “There are 2.5 million children in the united states that have shelter problems” (Giselle Routhier)("record homelessness"). The problem for Maurice was that he did not have a stable home.…show more content…
I believe there are other ways that Maurice could have gotten a help as well. After school program, for example, could be one help Maurice could have gotten. School programs that provided a structured, safe, supervised place to be after school for learning and socializing with others could make an impact on children (“The Benefit of After School Programs”). Furthermore, children who attends after-school programs spent more time on academic and other fun learning activities. After-school programs would help Maurice to be well-grounded and looked-after. To show Maurice a different view of the world than what he has possibly seen. For Maurice to have people to talk to and people who care about him. Next, school counseling would have also helped Maurice to open up more and express himself. School counselor’s work with students, parents and teachers in a variety of ways like assisting parents to make informed decisions about their childhood educations (“Going to a Public School”).In Maurice’s case, one of his issues was hearing from his mother and his cousins that he could neither read nor write, a thought he was made to believe (99). With a counselor’s help Maurice would cope with his problems by finding ways that can help him. In all, as stated in the preceding paragraphs, after school programs and Schools counseling would help Maurice enormously in school. With the proper approach, resources and the help from school. I believe Maurice and every child who struggles with school would begin to enjoy it once more.
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