An Occurrence At Owl Greek Bridge Character Analysis Essay

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A dead man’s fantasy: Peyton Farquhar in Poe’s “An Occurrence at Owl Greek Bridge”
Only two characters speak in Ambrose Bierce Poe’s “An occurrence at owl Greek Bridge (Mays 551-57), the “well-to-do planter”, Peyton, eager to contribute and perform in aid of the South. The other characters were the grey-clad soldier who is a Federal scout, an intelligent man who use tricks and motivate the mind of those, who is eager to service but somehow restricted. The other characters are mentioned are the Union Army soldiers and commanders. Who are executing the order. Soldiers are told to executing the order and unaware of the story and who the poor guy is. Peyton, however, is of more importance to the story. In a process of story, which has one of its central purposes is Peyton had romanticized the war, and get the consequences that he deserves. Caught burning the bridge, before his execution, he suddenly has created a whole another scenario which he escapes the execution. Peyton’s desire to live his thirst for life was significantly strong, he knows that there is no escape from this but still by his imaginary he could live long enough to enjoy the last few
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The strong mind collapses at the end and struggled, butt children and wife urged him on. Peyton Farquhar knows the death is inevitable, and he sees what he wishes. The most important lesson that I learn from this story is, perhaps the spirit and thirst of wanting to live, Peyton, however, with a short glimpse it satisfied his last dream and his body, swung gently from side to side beneath the bridge. By accepting the character who could have live comfortable with his family ending up become the victim of this Civil war between North and South. No war is romantic and silent, instead is cruel and death is dignitary when it comes, it is unavoidable, and we begin to understand the ideas of Poe’s inner
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