An Olde Tyme Radio Choral Concert Analysis

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On December 7, the Monticello High School mixed and concert choirs presented a choral program called “An Olde Tyme Radio Choral Concert” in the high school auditorium. It was directed by Mr. Brett Kniess, and Janice Vetter was the pianist. The songs were chosen to put the audience in the holiday spirit, and in my opinion, it accomplished this goal.
The first five songs were sung by a mixed choir of freshman and sophomores.The first of these was a fun-spirited song called “We Need a Little Christmas” from Mame, arranged by Anita Kerr. This song is polyphonic and had three parts: two parts for females voices and one for male. The genre for this song is musical. This song was from the 20th century era. It is written in the 1900’s when Wall Street crashed, and that is how we can determine its timeframe. Jerry Herman was the composer of this song. He was born in 1931, was a talented pianist at a young age, and is a very famous American composer and lyricist. His work on Broadway is what he is most known for.
“Bidi Bom” composed by David Eddleman was the second song in the program. The song is polyphonic because there are multiple voices that have independent melodies. “Bidi Bom” includes a light timbre, upbeat tempo, and has
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It began slowly and included a few lines sung by Andrew Wall and Hayo Eiben, but the tempo quickly increased with a sound mimicking the crack of a whip and jingle bells provided by high school percussionists Cassie Gillmore and Anna Loes. The song was written for two parts and is noted as having parts for soprano, alto and bass. It was written in 1996, which is the 20th century musical era. It was composed by Nancy Price, who has a bachelor of music and master of music degree in music education. She is widely recognized for being a choral clinician and festival conductor. She has written over 300 songs for choral
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