An Open Letter To The Angel Of Death Analysis

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An Open Letter to the “Angel of Death,” Dr. Josef Mengele In 1949, you were able to flee from Europe and live for 30 years in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay (Paradowski, 2013). You were provided this freedom despite being responsible for the deaths of thousands as a result of your horrible human experimentation. You were the evilest Nazi doctor in the entirety of the regime—how could you act with kindness towards children through providing them sweets and proceed to inject chemicals directly into their eyes and/or infect their identical twin with typhoid to see the difference between a healthy twin and a sick twin? In regards to your scientific method, you completely negated the principle of the twins needing to be identical and even used fraternal twins and siblings as test subjects (Grodin et al. 8). Your “research” did not even attain your ultimate goal to efficiently increase the reproduction of the Aryan race (Science and the Swastika: The Deadly Experiment, Baron). The reason…show more content…
It too is a misfortune that you were never prosecuted for your heinous crimes against humanity; moreover, the records of your human experimentation were destroyed some 50 years ago (Baron). I hope this letter inflicts emotional pain on your past actions as you now have a perspective of a Jew. We are humans, not some inferior race that should be irradiated. Your other targets such as the Gypsies and even the mentally and/or physically disabled individuals are as human as you. Your role in the killing of thousands of innocent people not only brought physical and psychological pain to those individuals, but this pain has only perpetuated discrimination and turmoil throughout the world. You have forever made a negative, unforgivable, and unforgettable impact on the world and have brought shame amongst your fellow Germans, Aryans
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