1984 By George Orwell: An Oppressive Government

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An Oppressive Government George Orwell talks about the dangers that can occur with an oppressive totalitarian government. He documents life under a controlling government party referenced to The Party and Big brother. He discusses the lack of privacy of the citizens and the result and consequences of committing crimes. During the time period of the late 40’s the government used telescreens in order to surveillance the people at all times. “ On coins, stamps, on the covers of books… everywhere. Always the eyes were watching you and the voice enveloping you”(34), the main character Winston says. Telescreens were everywhere and all moves and sounds were heard. Privacy no longer existed. The Party did not allow society to do as they pleased.…show more content…
Cruel punishments were acted out by any government official. Police brutality in America has been an occurance of the misuse of authority. Police officers abuse their power by assaulting and harassing individuals because they can. The novel 1984 relates to this because in the result of convicting crimes the Party would torture a victim in order to get them to confess or commit suicide. The ministry of love was where most of the police brutality occurred along with making arrests. "One thing only mattered; to keep still, to keep still and not give them an excuse to hit you!"(280) Winston suggests. It is a learned instinct to not move or make sudden movements when being arrested. That only gave officers a reason to feel the need to abuse and assault you. Another example of brutality is when in the ministry of love, prisoners are cruelly punished for their crimes. Prisoners are sent to sessions where they endure things such as electric shock, rat caging of the face stretched and beaten. Winston received shock as one of his punishments. “He started and almost cried out. A pang of pain had shot through his body. O’Brien had pushed the lever of the dial up to thirty-five”(331). These types of punishments were unnecessary and violent. The party felt as though inflicting pain will make the victim regain obedient.‘Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation.”(336) This quote relates to present time because this theory supports why police officers today assault victims. For example in 1991 Rodney King was brutally beaten by officers. This is still happening today. People who have been arrested by police are even beaten and or killed even when they are restrained. Generally speaking, the novel 1984 has accurate predictions of what has happened in present
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