An Outstanding Teacher

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An outstanding teacher is made up of 5 main things. They are respectful and in turn respected, goal-driven, have strong classroom management, have an inner drive to learn more and teach better, and have a love for each and every student.
Each and every day a teacher must show the students they teach respect. If a student respects you, they will work just that bit hard for you. It makes a difference. Respect should also carry over to your co-workers and administration. You should always learn and grow, but with respect from those you work for and with.
An outstanding teacher sets goals for herself and her students. She is always striving to meet those goals and make new ones, but at times also has to change the goals. It is ok to change the goals, but not to
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It is necessary for a teacher to have the students organized and transitions smoothly, but all the other little details, if thought of, help to make for a great lesson. A strong, outstanding teacher must manage the class efficiently and have some level of structure.
An outstanding teacher needs to be able to analyze data, set goals, but most importantly have an inner drive to learn more, achieve the goal, and constantly adapt and do better. Teaching is changing quickly, so we must change with it. We need to learn how the students learn and teach in that way. We need to work with the different programs and embed technology as much as possible. We need to try new things, accept that not all will work, but at least be willing to try.
My favorite quality of a good teacher is the love. They must display to each student that they do care for them individually. The teacher needs to show that each student does matter. They are unique and special and as a teacher we care. If a student knows you respect them and sincerely care for them, they will give even more than you ever
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