An Persuasive Speech: The Dangers Of Serial Killers

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In today 's world, there are people with socially anxious tendencies that deserve freedom from the shackles of public speaking. These people have vibrating limbs, weak water systems in their eyes, and a broken record planted in their voice boxes. Instead of letting people with social anxiety be strapped to an electric chair - as that is what public speaking can feel like - there should be a solution offered. Starting as soon as possible, all anxiety-stricken people should have their mouths sewn shut for protection.
It will be a complicated process, yet all the while still plausible. First, someone should be designated and chosen as a "serial killer". Of course, a secret and high authority organization - kind of like the FBI agents watching from our phone cameras - will be involved conspicuously so that nothing gets too out of hand. This serial killer will be infamous for their very unique and notable signature of sewing his victim 's mouths shut. Secondly, the killer will be assigned to target all people with social anxiety in need of dodging a presentation or two. Of course, serial killers ' will obviously kill their victims, but in this case, the killer will coincidentally be a very bad one and all his victims will end up escaping somehow. Lastly, when these anxious people come back to school, their mouths will be sewn shut. Teachers and peers will feel so much pity for these unlucky students that they will be exempted from any and all presentations for the rest of their
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