An Reflection Of Conflict In Business Management

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Conflict occurs when there is a deliberate coalition, misunderstanding or altercation. On a common note, conflicts tend to be extensive. Conflicts are substantial disagreements between people, groups, organizations, etc. The conflict episode I endured was a student conflict. I am a third year University of Botswana student currently pursuing my degree in Business Administration (Management). It is compulsory for all students at my varsity to partake in the Communication skills course in their first year of study. This course is said to be an essential introduction to excellent governance coaching, developing one’s self confidence, remodeling people’s perception of oneself, and informing about problem solving, effective writing, critical thinking as well as public speaking, all essential qualities needed to become an exceptional future manager. One important note was that we had to learn to work in group a setting, which was a major problem for me more so, it was something that was impossible to avoid. The information below cares to explain a conflict that I was directly involved in.
I was a member of an all-female, five member group. Due to the fact that we had other school commitments and a lot of group, we all had to make our own free time for group meetings in order to complete assignments given to us. The other group members were all aware of one another and I happened to be the only stranger in the group. As an introvert, I tend to be more

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