An Reflection Of Teaching As An English Language Teacher

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The following is an analysis of my class that I was as an English language teacher. I will try to cover reflections on teaching behaviors, learning process, and an observation of teaching and learning. The aim of today 's class was to review the concepts from the previous session by working on the exercises that allowed students to practice and it can show how much students have learned the lessons of the previous session. In the last class, the students have learned about clothing items in the English language and they have learned and practice some conversation about clothing. I asked them will ready for acting out the conversation. That is, they should perform the conversations as if they were in a play. I 've divided the class into two groups. The first group played the role of people who buy clothes. The second group, those who played the role of vendors clothing. They provided well-designed materials for the play. To my surprise, today’s class was done well because there were no signs of anxiety in students. They had learned the last lesson very well and they run the course topic (the conversations) step by step. After the play was finished, I praised the students and I have taken them a short break. After break, I continued on the new topic for today’s lesson. The learning objective for this lesson were talking about cities and international time zones, practice a conversation between two people in different time zones, ask and answer questions using time

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