An Unforgettable City In Kolkata

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For anybody making plans to travel around India, Kolkata should definitely be included on the list as it is an unforgettable city with some of the most unique sights in India. The top two listed on Tripadvisor are the Belur Math shrine and the Dakshineswar temple and there are many more. A few days won’t be enough to really take in everything that the city has to offer. A lot of visitors are enticed to stay longer and reside in the city for a time and there are many benefits for this as well. Here are just a few:
1. Luxury Apartments
You can only truly experience Kolkata by staying for a while so if you’re able to, renting Unitech residential flats in Kolkata is a great investment as you can not only explore the city but the surrounding area
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Unitech’s apartments in Kolkata offer a pool, gym, spa, café, sauna, and media room among other amenities in modern buildings with attractive surroundings. With all of these available, just remember to actually go out and enjoy the city every now and then!
2. Heritage
Many of the unique sights in Kolkata reflect the role the city has played in India’s history. It makes for a good place to find out more about India’s heritage, architecture, art, and culture with weeks’ worth of attractions to visit. There are the famous palaces, cathedrals and temples and more hidden gems such as the photo tours which offer a unique insight into the city. The Indian Museum is the oldest and largest in the country with rooms full of artefacts, antiques, and paintings. While not related to India, all children remember the mummy in the Egyptian Gallery!
3. Cultural and Creative
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It is worth staying in Kolkata for a while just for the food! As the main city of West Bengal, most of the areas’ well known dishes can be found in Kolkata. West Bengal Tourism’s page lists some of the most popular dishes and restaurants. Fish dishes are common in the area including a fish curry known as macher jhol. As with many Indian cities, the street vendors are particularly famous and recommended for any visitor, including momo, phuchka, and thukpa. Sweets frequently accompany meals in Bengal with shops specializing in Indian deserts and treats. There is a lot to choose from, another good reason for a longer stay in Kolkata. Staying in an apartment means you can also learn how to cook these dishes by yourself. Do some research on food blogs and restaurant guides to decide the dishes you absolutely can’t leave without trying then get to the markets early before they run

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