Barbara Dunlop Analysis

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Barbara Dunlop is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author that has written over fifty novels in the romance genre. Barbara wrote her first work of fiction when she was only eight years. Her first work was titled How The Giraffe Got His Long Neck and was published to critical acclaim. Unfortunately, she had difficulties with distribution but the good reception whet her appetite for even more achievements. She would later become a reporter for The Berry Street Times a venerated publication that allowed Barbara to expand her reach. Several years after she began writing for the magazine, she ventured into romantic comedy and it was not long before she was a bestselling and award-winning author with Silhouette and Harlequin. In addition to her romantic comedy series, she has also completed several other projects such as the NASCAR series. She has twice made the shortlist for the Romance Writers of America RITA award and has won the Golden Heart Award by the Romance Writers of America twice. Her novels have also been featured on the…show more content…
The leads transcend their socially and externally generated personas to find that they have a lot more common that would be initially believed. They share some of the most important characteristics such as emotional sensitivity, responsibility, good listening, and being willing to help each other attain their goals in life, which make for a successful romantic relationship. The two protagonists are typically polar opposites that on the surface will never be compatible but they experience strong mutual attraction when they meet, which grows even stronger over the course of the narrative. The matchmakers do all in their power to ensure the two protagonists are living in a space that will make them fall for each other and eventually get into a
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