An Unlikely Relationships In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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February,12, 2018
“Pride and Prejudice” essay
In this novel an unlikely relationship sprouts between Miss. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. The relationship grows throughout this novel as the characters develop and grow themselves. With the odds or Lady Catherine de Burgh against them they the relation appears almost nonviable. To Lady Catherine 's disapprobation and many uncomfortable and awkward encounters the couple falls in love. The Author Jane Austen uses subtle uncomfortable comments and awkward body language to show the growth and the foreshadow the outcome of Elizabeth and Darcy 's relationship. These actions also slowly unravel their hostile feeling towards each other and eventually showing their true feelings when the novel
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Finally the gesture that really wins over Elizabeth 's affections is when Darcy goes out of his way to help a family he earlier stated hateful remarks to. When Elizabeth receives terrible news that her younger sister Lydia has ran away with Mr.Wickham Darcy steps in to make things right. Darcy pays Wickham to marry Lydia in effort to save the Bingley family name from utter embarrassment. When Elizabeth learns about this gesture she cant help but feel something for him. This gesture goes completely against the first impression of arrogance and narcissism showing, showing he will do anything to help shows Elizabeth a quality she can respect. Though both the characters are well in love Mrs. Catherine de Bourgh goes out or her way to put a kibosh on the blooming relationship, ripping both Elizabeth 's family and her own character apart in effort to belittle her and force her to abandon any feelings for Darcy. After this encounter Darcy once again goes to Elizabeth despite Lady Catherine 's wishes for them to stay apart. This bold move of going against Lady Catherine witch is borderline unheard of once again proves he is not as prideful or prejudice as he originally appeared. Lady Catherine being wealthy and well known within the higher class is not often crossed or disagreed. However, Darcy makes this move risking major repercussions because the cares for Elizabeth so deepely. Elizabeth also cares for Darcy and loves him for all he has done and who he has grown to be. Finally, despite Lady Catherine 's wishes he two get
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