Anabolic Steroid Analysis

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Anabolic steroids, are affect the male hormones, mainly testosterone, is the main reason of development and changes that happens during puberty and growth. Male hormones have androgenic (testosterone and androsterone), and anabolic usually affects the penis which usually enlarges, testes, hair growth, and voice change. The effects of the androgens is also the reason of growth of muscle, bone, red blood cells (Thomas D. Fahey, n.d.) . Increasing red blood cell will affect the heart and lung function and will allow you to have low oxygen levels (Mayo Clinic Staff, Jan 2013). Anabolic steroid, known for muscle building can be legally prescribed to treat conditions from hormonal problems, such as delayed puberty, diseases that makes you lose …show more content…

The drug goes through different types of layers before it reaches it’s final destination, the muscles and bloodstream so that it’ll work. The layers it goes through is the, acid in the stomach, the steroid itself damages the stomach and gives stomach pain as more is taken. The other layers are bacteria in the small intestines and lastly it must past through the metabolism process in the liver known as the first pass effect (Rowland Malcolm, 1972). Once it’s reached the destination, distribution process happens which is the transportation of drug throughout the bloodstream (C.Paddon, Feb 2013).The next process, which is the chemical change as the drug goes through the body, is where most people get problems with their use of steroids as its goes to the liver, it gets damaged which one of the most common steroid side effects. Anabolic steroids works, by connecting protein receptors in cells which makes new protein in the cells itself. The steroids, produces the amount of biological process by connecting receptors sites on protein cells. (C.Paddon, Feb …show more content…

Most athletes, bodybuilders and trainers who have used or had experience with anabolic steroids have said the drug has increased lean muscle mass, strength and endurance. (NSW Health July 2013) When bodybuilders or anyone lift weight, which is heavier than they usually lift, micro tears which is usually the soreness after an exercise are being created in the muscle fibers. The body would repair these tears and usually add much more bigger cells to build a stronger fiber, which is increases, muscle mass. As this process is repeated it will result muscle growth. Once the steroid is injected and travels through the bloodstream to the muscle tissue, once it reaches the muscle cell the steroid works with the cell’s DNA and mixes which helps cell growth. (Dan Peterson February

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