Anabolic Steroid Analysis

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Since the dawn of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, athletes have been competing against one another for honor and physical supremacy. The Olympic Games were a sporting competition based on honor, personal improvement and success. The victors of the contest gained no financial compensation for their accomplishments, as the honor of being crowned champion, and thus earning the coveted gold medal, was sufficient motivation for all athletes. There was no lust for money or riches that propelled the athletes to train vigorously and improve their chances of winning. There was no thought of possibly cheating in order to increase chances at victory. In this primordial era, the primary course for skill improvement was through hard work and high intensity practice. Countless hours were spent on the training grounds sharpening skills and building up physical endurance to gain superiority over opponents. The playing field was even, and the athletes competed fairly. Nowadays, these morals and values are severely defiled. The professional sporting world has become tarnished by the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs, and this must be abrogated. The traditional Greek values and thought process of placing honor and dignity first and using that as a basis for athletic motivation are all but completely extinguished in…show more content…
Anabolic steroids have negative consequences in nearly all aspects of bodily function, most significantly in the central nervous system, excretory system, cardiovascular system and psychiatric function. Psychiatric and central nervous system malfunctions share a very similar mechanism in that both are affected via neurotransmitter impairment. Steroids have a profound effect on the balancing act of neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin and their respective
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