Anabolic Steroid Persuasive Speech

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The purpose of a body building workout is misunderstood by many, but I will clear it up for all of you. In competitive body building the training is designed to build lean muscle while minimizing body fat. This is done with a goal of developing large and well-defined muscles with great shape and symmetry. I can’t tell you how many times I have talked to or received e-mails from people who want training advice, but they have just one requirement. They don’t want to get bigger. Sometimes they want to gain strength with out gaining weight, and other times they want to look defined and muscular without growing bigger muscles. I don’t know if people have just been brainwashed their whole lives into thinking that heavier is bad, or that if they do build…show more content…
IT CANNOT HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT! Even if someone did get that huge and have the biggest biceps in the world by following a body building workout for a few months (yeah right), if you don’t want to look like that you can just stop training. It’s not hard to lose muscle mass. Many people, regardless of whether or not they participate in weight training, believe that a person needs to be on an anabolic steroid program in order to make any meaningful gains in muscle mass. The fact is that while an anabolic steroid program can help an athlete build muscle and burn body fat, it is not necessary. As a matter of fact, many fantastic physiques and amazing athletes have developed their strength and muscularity without the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. Legal and safe nutritional supplementation has been around for awhile, but the effectiveness of several new supplements is truly amazing! From Anator p70 to GAKIC and creatine products like Vitargo CGL and more, there are many products that are very effective at maximizing your results. The anabolic steroid is not a requirement for
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