Anabolic Steroid Analysis

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The term steroids are normally associated with drugs that are used to treat many medical conditions. Steroids do have many medical purposes, such as, maintaining sexual characteristics in males following them having surgery for testicular cancer and the loss of muscle tissue. They are also used to increase muscle mass, bone mass, inflammation, and other medical conditions. ( 2014)
Anabolic steroids, which mean use of something that causes a building of tissue, are a class of synthetic drugs that are designed to copy the effects of testosterone. Testosterone main effect is the tissue. It enters the body cell and attaches to a receptor which crosses into the cell nucleus where it activates the synthesis of protein. Protein leads
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But, in cases of steroids use in sports, people tend to take a lot of dosages, sometimes 10-100 times the dosage that a doctor would give them. This is cause by the fact that people get the dosage information for the seller or another friend who is also taking the drugs without questions. They are available on the black market and most that are on there do not have the correct ingredients in the pill. Some side effects that steroids have on the body cause some serious effects to include cancer but most people ignore all of that information. Not seeing that the drug alters the homeostasis of the body. (Lyons Press…show more content…
In the chest steroids can cause gynecomastia, which is breast development. But, in females using steroids can cause the breast to being to shrink in size. The bones in your body can also be impaired by steroids by making the bones not grow like they should, which in some cases leads to being shorter in height once reaching adulthood. You may also have bone pain throughout the body. While taking steroid can make you feel stronger it is actually making the muscles grow to quickly which can result in muscle tears from lifting heavy things and the tendons to rupture. And with the skin steroids affect how you look to other people. Meaning it causes red blotchy, greasy skin with acne on the face and back. Stretch marks can also appear due to the skin thinning. (Foegh, Maria 1983)
Now taking all that I have told you in account you should understand that taking steroids will cause many effects on the body. The brain can be alter causing you behave in an aggressive way. It was affect some major organs in the body like the heart, liver, kidneys, stomach. And then it can cause your appearance to be alter but making your face, hair and skin become a different way. So if you’re going to use steroids make sure they are given to you by a doctor and not on the black market or a
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