Using Anabolic Steroids In High School Sports

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In high school many students face pressure and want to do best while under that pressure. In some cases for those students the pressure they can face can be playing exceptionally well in a sport atmosphere. Students can then turn to Anabolic steroids to help gain muscle and endurance fast while out competing with their peers.The use of drug enhancements in high schools give players an unfair advantage opposed to the students who work hard naturally with zero supplements. Being compared to your peers can push someone to go to extremes to outperform one another. However the effect the drug can have on a student can be monumental. Not only physically can someone be affected but also mentally. The student body of high schools all over the country…show more content…
With the stop of students using Anabolic steroids to gain the extra advantage, students will be equally compared, and more students may be provided with scholarships for working hard naturally without a supplement. In high school sports the competition can be very high. Said by Norman Frost (2008) “ … I think the main reasons teens use these drugs are to enhance performance in competitive athletics, … “. For some student high school sports is all they know because of how long they've been playing. Others it can be their ticket to college, and getting scholarships for what they can offer to that college team. But is having an unfair advantage really the way to get to play that sport? What about the student athletes who work hard everyday and show their skills with the help of steroids? Many student athletes over the country use Anabolic steroids because they feel like they need to make quick muscle and endurance gains. For example high school football athletes need to be strong and fast to get those touchdowns. But what coaches want to see are the student who stand out compared to others so they can have a winning team. Winning can be a great thing and have an even greater…show more content…
For the fact students are unaware of the consequences they can and will face when using the drugs.They have no idea of the short or long term consequences they face of hair growth, aggression, which can lead into dessionist thoughts. Many of the influences can come from professional athletes who have also used or still continue to use drugs. But also those peers who surround the student in their sports atmosphere can greatly pressure them to using. By educating the the students and the peers of those students about what the drugs do to affect their body can help influence them to not use drugs but to exercise naturally. Zero supplements, or drugs to have excessive muscle and endurance gain. Although the drugs may show a positive affect in the eyes of the student, parents, coaches, peers can be the person to help their loves stop the use and get their life back on track to being

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