Anabolic Steroids In Professional Sports

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"Bigger, Faster, Stronger" is the motto of the athlete, or at least for many athletes. Sports are something quite special; they drive our testosterone levels through the roof and may give great or horrible feelings! Fans, at times, can be very crazy; they will cheer their teams 24/7, cry when the teams lose, and celebrate when the teams win. Humans have been attracted to competition for a long time; sports can be traced to ancient times. Football (soccer) is believed to have evolved in China in the 3rd century B.C. and the first sports event ever recorded was in Greece in 776 B.C. (Wood). Sports became a significant part of society in ancient times and are still significant today. But why are people so attracted to sports? The answer is the…show more content…
The information about anabolic steroids was shared between scientist in the 1940 's and it reached the Soviet scientist. The Soviets primarily wanted to experiment the drug on athlete; therefore, they were the first to use anabolic steroids for athletic purposes (HistoryUse). The use of the drug began with Soviet weightlifters and bodybuilders; these people experienced impressive muscles gains in a matter of weeks. The impressive results caused other professional athletes to be interested in anabolic steroids. Soon, the usage of anabolic steroids experienced a tremendous popularity spark in East Europe. Even though the Germans introduced anabolic steroids to the world, the Soviets truly pioneered the use of steroids in professional sports. This section of the research will display the usage of anabolic steroids in the Olympics, Major League Baseball, and professional…show more content…
A nation that that competes in the Olympics, also wants its athletes to perform the best and win the overall medal count. This is what the Soviet Union planned to do in the 1952 Summer Olympics. Their experimentation of anabolic steroids on power-sport athletes would have an outcome at the 1952 Olympic Games. The utilization of steroids had a great outcome for the Soviet Union Olympic team; they were particularly able to dominate in wrestling, weightlifting, and gymnastics (HistoryUse). The medal count of the Soviet Union in these three events will be compared to the medal count of the United States, the Soviet Union
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