Anabolic Steroids Research Paper

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Drug Project: Anabolic Steroids
Anabolic Steroids real chemical name is anabolic-androgenic steroids or AAS is abbreviated. A few brand names that is has are Androsterone, Oxadrin, or Dianabol. The DEA have scheduled this drug as a type III drug. There are many slang terms for steroids. One for example is pumpers, it’s called that because it gets you all pumped. Another slang name for it is Juice. They call it juice because it can come in a liquid. It’s also called Roids because of its actual name which is steroids. Most steroids are smuggled into the US and are gained mostly by stealing or prescribing for no reason. People mostly buy it on the internet. But, people still buy it in gyms, bodybuilding competitions, teammates, school teammates, coaches, and even trainers. It was first created by scientists as a synthetic testosterone to help men that don’t have
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In 1975, it was finally banned from the Olympics. But, the illegal selling became more popular. In 1988, steroids was added to the anti-drug abuse act and in 1990 it was scheduled to a III. The ways it can effect someone is kind of what people think. It can make your facial hair grow a lot faster. It can also enlarge male sex glands and it makes your voice really, really deep.
Some short term effects it has on people is it gives you a reduced sperm count. It also damages your heart. It will give you impotence. Also, it will be difficult or it will hurt when you pee.
Some long term effects that it gives are pretty bad. It might give you liver disease or liver cancer. You can develop breasts if you’re a male and you use steroids. It also shrinks your testicles.
For women that use steroids it is just as bad. You can get breast reductions. Also you can get a lot of hair growing on you. Long term effects are deepened voice, enlarged clitoris, and abnormal menstrual
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