Voyeurism In Anaconda

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The notion of looking and voyeurism
In music videos there are frequent references to the notion of looking, screens within screens and telescopes, mirrors, cameras and voyeuristic treatment of the female body. Goodwin identified that in music videos, men and women are portrayed in a sexual manner to draw the attention of the audience and seduce the opposite sex to watch the videos Rap music videos usually depict artists looking straight at the camera and rapping as seen in Anaconda. Men and women are presented in a seductive suggestive manner or even when their eyes are in contact with the camera. Voyeurism is used as a marketing tool to draw viewers in to purchase commodified goods and it helps the artist to gain a wider audience and is done
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This can be ascertain based on the semiotic analysis that clearly show Anaconda possess codes and conventions of pop genre mainly based on the mise-en-scene, such as the lighting, colour, location, costumes, hair, makeup, props, editing, camera techniques. These show that the music video, Anaconda is a pop music video, due to the characteristics of using bright lighting and colour to grab audience’s attention, the overall music video is upbeat, positive, fun and playful. Costumes and clothing that are mainstream and fashionable and represent the current trend in society. Hair and makeup that become part of the artist identity are important in pop music videos at they help to set trends. Artists perform and have choreographed dance routines as in Anaconda. Locations of pop music videos are fantasy based and editing of the video incorporates animation to make the videos…show more content…
Ray and hip hop music videos are quite similar to pop music videos and have a lot of similarities, they lighting is also bright but also have dark scenes as in Anaconda where Nicki minaj is seen dancing on drake, the lighting is bright but also dark, with incorporation of a lot of flashing strobe lights that are in sync to the beat of the music. The artist is seen performing, dancing and singing. Exhibit props such as jewellery, cars and money that are flaunted and the artists wear large jewellery around their necks as in Anaconda, when Nicki minaj is seen wearing bling around her neck during the dance routine. There are a lot of dancers in rap and hip hop music videos, mainly female that dance in provocative clothing around the main artist. Artists lip sync to the music in the music video Incorporates artist rapping, as seen in the video when Nicki minaj raps to drake and rap music videos feature other rap artist as Nicki minaj does in Anaconda.
Looking at genre theory also helped to better understand how genre are categorised based on certain characteristics and how genre is helpful for both the producer and the audiences. It helped to categorise Anaconda into a genre of mainly pop and then hip hop and rap, therefore Anaconda has hybridization of

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