Anais And Jim Twins Comparison

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Nature is the inherent features of something. Genetics also is a big part of nature. Anais and Sam are identical twins. They were separated at birth and adopted by different parents. Although they did not grow up together they had come to know that they have a lot of similarities. These girls have the same laugh, it sounds the exact same. Anais and Sam both do not like when the shower curtain touches them, and they even have the same favorite drink. Twins like them have very special bonds that include having very familiar likings and dislikings. They also have most of the same habits and interests. A big thing that is common among twins is that they end up getting the same IQ results and test scores. The Jim twins are very, very similar to each other, and just like Anais and Sam they were separated at birth. When they had first met they found out shocking similarities. One of which was that all of their wives they had…show more content…
But I do think that nature affects more of how you turn out as you grow up. There are so many reasons why I would choose nature more than I would nurture. One of them being that I have two younger brothers, and none of us act alike. One of my brothers tends to be very crazy and my other brother is very calm. I, on the other hand, I am always relaxed and try to go with the flow. We also make totally different decisions. For example, we all three of us are one this year-round, competitive swim team. Our coach said that he really wanted everyone to be at this teammates practice, we had just recently, and it was the same day as the cadet football playoff game! All of my friends were going so I really wanted to go, but I decided that I would go to swimming instead. Both of my brothers, on the other hand, decided to go to the football game, though. These are some of my examples of why I believe that nature has a bigger part than nurture about how you turn out to be as you grow
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