Anakin Vs. Oedipus

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Anakin vs. Oedipus Anakin and Oedipus both play major roles in their own tragedies, Anakin in Star Wars:Revenge of the Sith, and Oedipus in Oedipus Rex. In both tragedies the path of a tragic hero is followed, but in different methods by both Anakin and Oedipus. Both of the tragic heroes had different fates that affected them in different ways. Anagnorisis is a great archetypal tragedy element followed by both Anakin and Oedipus, similarly, because they both find out that their fate becomes true. They both had different tragic flaws, but they were both affected by it massively. As the events in both storylines occur, the audience and readers find out that Oedipus deserves more empathy and compassion because his fate was much more extreme.…show more content…
However, when he switched to the dark side, so he could try and save Padme from dying as the Chancellor promised, he became this evil and wicked man. He goes to the Jedi temple ready to kill all the Jedis’ because Palpatine told him that the Jedi are trying to overthrow the Republic and it’s his responsibility to bring peace to the galaxy and eliminate this threat. This is definitely which led to the audience not wanting to empathize with him anymore. If Padme was to live in the end, no one would’ve empathized with Anakin because of his vicious actions, and now there’s definitely no one that’s empathizing with Anakin because he couldn’t even save Padme in the end. For Oedipus, it was him killing his father and marrying his mother because of the prophecy that couldn’t be escaped since all the actions he was trying to make to escape the prophecy are what caused it. In Oedipus’ case the readers could empathize and understand because he didn’t know that he killed his father or married his mother. He was attacked on…show more content…
Anakin knows he’s the one of the most important Jedi who is supposed to save the galaxy from harm; however, his impatience causes him to start turning against the Jedi because they were preventing him from the council. That was because firstly, he was too young and secondly, the council didn’t trust him because they thought he was working with the chancellor, which he was. Palpatine’s offerings to Anakin were very important for him and because of Anakin’s ego, Palpatine easily convinced Anakin to join the dark side. This shows Anakin’s impatience, which led to his poor choice of joining Palpatine and the dark side. Also, because of how much he valued power and wanted to become even more highly-ranked, he started following Palpatine’s orders even when they were very extreme and harmful towards the Jedi. Palpatine led Anakin to want to end the Jedi, so he could be the most powerful and so he could save Padme. All of this occured because of one poor choice that he made because he was impatient. Similarly, Oedipus made very reckless and impatient decisions throughout the play, where he, just like Anakin, though that he could escape the punishment. Most importantly, when he was confronted by Teiresias he completely ignored his words and reasoning. Teiresias stating that the prophecy was correct, that he did kill his
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