Analyble Response: The Poisonwood Bible Response

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Nayeli Tarrafa
Honors English 11
5 January 2018
The Poisonwood Bible Response #3 The Poisonwood Bible ultimately states that storytelling is all about perspective and what side of the story you are on. Every person has a different story on life because they view it and go through it differently. We see things differently than the people around us. No one is going to have the same story as someone else because we see it from a different perspective. A person is going to tell the story of their own life differently than others will and everyone else who tells their story will have something different to say. When Adah says “we all are, I suppose. Trying to invent our version of the story” she is talking about the story of life and how
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Ruth May gives the closure that a novel needs by telling Orleanna to forgive and move on and by letting the reader know that she is at peace. The significance of the quote is to show that Ruth May is the congo now. She is apart of the congo and shares the same spirit that the congo has. Ruth May calls herelf muntu, “I am muntu Africa, muntu one child and a million all lost the ame day” (Kingsolver 537). She is saying that she is a person and that she has become one with the spirits of all those other children who have lost their lives in the congo and become a part of the congo’s…show more content…
It may not be on purpose but everyone does wrong at some point in their life. Everyone does something wrong in some way throughout their lifetime, even if they mean no harm by it. The Poisonwood Bible can be read as a political and religious allegory because at first no one in the Price family wants to accept the change they are going through but over time some of the characters develop and move on from this. Nathan Price, who you would expect to not sin or sin less than the rest of thefamily, actuallly ends up being the one who sins the most. He has physically harmed and emotionally damaged Orelanna and it was a freeing moment for her when she decided to get away from him and take the girl with her. It is too bad that it took the death of one of her daughters to see that him keeping the family in the congo was a dangerous decision. Nathan was very selfish because he was so desperate to try and get the people of the congo to believe in his God and get baptised, he was blamed for the death of his daughter. Leah went from following her father and never doubting him to going completely against what he asks of her. In the end, she marries someone who fights for the rights of the people in the congo. Rachel never got over her immature behaviors and still cared way more about her appearance than she did about anything or anyone

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