Analyse The Effects Of Dementia On An Individual Essay

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In this report I am going to assess ways in which different types of dementia affect an individual and also the individual’s family and friends. Due to the symptoms and consequences of dementia, a major impact on individual is the feeling of insecurity and the loss of confidence in themselves and their abilities. This can increase a sense of loss of control which in turn may result in the individuals doubting themselves and losing trust in their own judgements. These problems are made worse by the reaction of the people around them that are closest to them, such as friends and family and colleagues will begin to respond to them differently and not treat them in the same way as before. They may feel that they are stigmatised by this as there is a lot of false information and ideas about what dementia is like and what dementia does to people, and the individual may actually be avoided by friends and family member who fear the condition. This is almost certainly going to have a negative impact on the person's self-esteem. Dementia…show more content…
This is more than just the financial resources that they have, but also their psychological and physical health and their spiritual outlook on life and the situation. One important factor is the caregiver's location and place of residence in relation to that of the person to be cared for. It must also be remembered that the carer has a life outside of this role and, therefore, important factors in caring include other day-to-day roles such as being an employee, a parent and a professional person. The carer is also affected by the opinions and demands of people outside the caregiving relationship. Caregivers are also facing a health care system that seems to be placing more responsibilities on caregivers while providing less and less

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