Analyse The Factors That Affect Children's Language Development

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Social factors: Parents,carers and teachers are the people who can be considered among first people to initiate child’s development in his early years. From the social perspective the first point which affects child’s language and communication is child’s relationship with an adult and very next part is the sufficient time for interaction from that adult and in addition to the quantity of time, adults also have to be skilful in the way they work. Other social factors which affects children’s language and communication development are Bilingualism or multilingualism, having parent with a reading disability and child’s cultural background, coming from a household where the child has few opportunities to experience spoken or written language.…show more content…
By working together with other professionals along with parents/carers you can provide the best environment for language (and therefore literacy development). Parents As we saw in social factors that affects language development, Children’s relationship with an adult plays a very important role in developing language and communication. Mostly those adults are parents. The first voice which children hear is from the parents. Children’s interest in learning to talk begins with this. They learn to be responsive through these talks from parents. So just by talking and chatting to their children, parents make the communication and language progress smooth. In addition to this when parents start sharing books with their children, the path to reading skills progresses. So, it is very essential to share children’s development information with parents and to encourage them constantly to be the important part of their child’s
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