Analyse The Features And Strengths Of Different Destinations Essay

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• Analyse the features and strengths of different destinations (access, attractions, accommodation, activities, amenities and ancillary) In Zimbabwe there are 3 ways of transportation which are road, rail and air transport. In air transport there scheduled flights and the low cost carries like the Fastjet. There are 13 airports in Zimbabwe including 3 international airports. Roads also helps in linking different destinations. There are road ports in most cities and the one in Harare is the largest. Taxis and coaches also takes tourists to different places around Zimbabwe. There is also railway transport; high speed and luxurious trains are there to help in the transportation of people and tourism goods and also railway stations are available around Zimbabwe with planned schedules. In Zimbabwe there are natural attractions like Chinhoyi Caves, also man-made attractions like the Lake Kariba and cultural attractions like the Great Zimbabwe Ruins. Zimbabwe has the iconic attraction which is the Victoria Falls. Some attractions are designed for tourism purposes for example galleries, museums. Other attractions are designed for events like for arts (HIFA, music concert), business (carnival, sanganai expo) and some are designed for culture like cultural villages. Accommodation in Zimbabwe…show more content…
Culture and ethnic tourism contributed to the destination competitiveness and attractiveness. According to Isdore Guvamombe (2011), experiencing different ways of life, discovering new food and customs and visiting cultural sites have become leading motivations for travel and as a result, a crucial source of revenue and job creation. Places like Great Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls has been promoted with the help of the link between tourism and culture. Revenue is generated through cultural activities like dances from the Shona and Ndebele people and attractions like the National

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