Analyse The Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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One of the most important roles of a nurse is the patient advocate and work environments. During a patient hospitalization or visit, there are many things that can affect their life which could result in a negative outcome. These issues can be noted as verbal, physical and psychological. It is the role of the nurse to prevent these issues from occurring. Preventing of verbal, physical and psychological harm from happening to the patient is also considered of promoting quality and safety in the health care system. This is the method that the nurse practitioners can use to prevent this to be happened. The issue of patient quality of care and safety can impact a patient life the health care providers have to consider how important it is to assure…show more content…
When the nurses are communicated among themselves, there is a risk to decrease to medical errors and malpractice. “Current research indicates that ineffective communication among health care professionals is one of the leading causes of medical errors and patient harm” (Dingley et al. 2009, 1). In examining the importance of communication at the workplace, other researchers have found associations between better nurse-staff communication and collaboration and more positive patient outcomes; for example, lower mortality, higher satisfaction, lower complications, and lower readmission rates. Promote communication is to improve patient safety and quality of care delivered. Assertion is a specific skill that can be used to communicate effectively by any team member to avoid mistakes, focus issues and resolve differences. Every staff member has a right and responsibility to ensure a safe and efficient outcome. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project developed guidelines that would enable future nurses to have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to improve the quality and safety of the healthcare systems within which they
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