Analyse The Importance Of Communication To A Childminder's Relationship With Parents

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It is very important to engage and have a good relationship with the parents and primary carers of the children in my setting. I should consider the possible cultural differences between me and the parents and also other parents. For instance, some cultures may have certain dietary restrictions or habits and beliefs. A discussion needs to take place about every aspect of this relationship before caring for the child. This is called information exchange and is very crucial in order for the childminder and the parent/career to have a healthy partnership this is because it can be possible that some aspects of the service I offer may not be suitable for some parents. Therefore, there should be a two-way communication between the Childminder and…show more content…
The parent is the significant person to the child and the relationship between the parent and the child, it is always emotional. Emotional relationships can be the foundation of great strength. However, they also can be difficult at times. It is important to understand that the childminder and parents have different relationship with the children in their care. The childminder need to develop reliable warm, affectionate relationship with children particularly babies, but they should not look for replace the parents. Babies require being with same people to develop social relationship. This is why EYFS require early yearâ€TMs settings and schools to implement a key person system. Parents and the childminder have something in common, they all want best for the children. The roles engaged are not the same but they are complementary. Parents know their own child best and the childminder have a general knowledge of childâ€TMs developments. Between parents, childminders and the child, if the child is going to expand well, together they must trust and respect each other. Occasionally, parents may have had dreadful experiences during their education so when their child unites with a particular group setting, all of those previous memories may return. Due to
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