Analyse The Importance Of Early Intervention

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SOCIAL WORKER - The intervention of social worker is required when the child 's family do not function properly. It means that environment in which kid develops is not compatible with his needs. This person has to make a control in this kind of family and check if there are no pathological situations. If there is something wrong, the social worker has to notify social services. SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPIST- If our child has a problem with speech and language, parents have to organise a meeting with therapist and examine his speech and language abilities. If there is something wrong, the professional helps parents to find a good solution and say how to support our charge. We have to remember that any extra class should to be implemented very…show more content…
(4.1) It is particularly important to recognise difficulties in language and communication as soon as it possible. It is so important because of children 's early abilities connected with language acquisition. The earlier it is recognising the bigger probability to find kids ' needs and help them in development and acquisition. (The thought process is charge of that). Young people who take exception to that disorder may have problems with express themselves, with organisation and they are not able to corporate with peers and may keep themselves to others (problems with relationships). It can lead to very unpleasant behaviours like: depression and frustrating or other negative feelings. Parents who recognise some difficulties in speaking should consult with professionals that will be able to help kids and find their needs. (E.g. speech therapist) The children who have problems with communicating (SLI - Specific Language Impairment) may have also a bad memory, a poor vocabulary, using rights grammatical forms, they may slur and have other problems disabled free…show more content…
When one of our relatives died it really serious effect on child’s mind. When a child lost their favourite toy or his pet died it is also a traumatic event. We have to remember that children are very sensitive, but their do not always tell about bad experiences. Sometimes they become introverted and very shy. The children are not able to open themselves on others peers or adults. It may effect on their behaviour against their peers – they may be more childish, aggressive, they may have problems in knowledge acquisition and with grades. It is important not to leave a child alone and let teachers know if there is something wrong in child’s behaviour. Teachers will have more understanding and will try to support a
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