Analyse The Importance Of Health And Safety Essay

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The potential dilemmas between the rights and choices of children and health and safety requirements are that they are entitled to:
• Dignity
• Safety
• Confidentiality
• Privacy
All children are to be respected in the way that they want to be respected for example if they do not want to be changed on the nappy changing unit but want to be changed on the changing mat on the floor then you need to respect their wish and implement it.
All children must be kept safe so you must have everything set up ready like nappy, nappy bag, gloves and wipes before you collect the child for nappy changing time as once they are on the changing bed you cannot move as they may move and fall off.
Children may tell you something in confidence but you cannot promise
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Those who have healthy physical development usually progress quicker through crawling, walking and climbing. These skills are important for children to develop their mobility, coordination and balance.
Children who have an unhealthy physical development may be less likely able to follow the normal patterns of development which may include their self esteem. Those who have unhealthy physical development may have problems with building relationships, how they feel about themselves and may rely on parents and others which may result in them having a lack of self independence and confidence.
3.2 – Describe ways of promoting healthy lifestyles for babies and children
The ways of promoting healthy lifestyles for babies and children are that it will involve working in partnership with other colleagues, the child and their family. As the role model you will need to help the child and family to make the choices and think about ways and the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles for babies and children. The importance of healthy lifestyles are:
• Role modelling
• Active participations
• Assessing children’s
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