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There is a planning cycle which is followed throughout all/most early year’s settings. It is called a child centred approach to planning. Obviously the child is in the middle. Then you observe the child, look and listen to them, note things down. Then you asses the children. Analyse the observation and figure out what they are telling you about the child. You then plan. Different experiences and learning opportunities for the child and what the practitioners role. This is a constant circle. The practitioner has to think of each child’s individual needs, interests and stage of development in order to plan for each child. A challenging and enjoyable experience should be planned for the children. All areas of development should be met throughout…show more content…
Through child – initiated activities children are able to explore their own ideas, play with resources and use their imagination and creativity. At Parkhill there is always time for child initiated play. Within this time there are activities set out for all the areas of development. The children have an hour to choose an activity they would like to do. They can move to different activities. This is known as ‘free flow’ during this time there is always an adult – led activity where the class teacher has a small group and works together with them. An adult – led activity is a planned activity that is led by a teacher, however it always has child participation. For example making mother’s day cards, the teacher will have an example and offer guidance but it will be the child who completes the card. You should never expect the children’s work to look the same or be perfect. It just has to be unique to each child. By doing adult – led activities children are introduced to new ideas and they are provided with opportunities to develop their skills. It is important to the correct balance between child-initiated and adult-led

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