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The one thing I found interesting was the relationship between the characters George and Dot. This pas was the ultimate love story. It was full of passion, frustration and emotions. Initially I thought it was a story about a man and his relationship with the women he loved. Only to find out she was not his true love. The character of George’s mistress Dot was as emotional as he was. She forces him to look at what he does and why he does it, only to be frustrated with his obsession with his work. You hear this frustration in here voice in the scene where George briefly stops cleaning his brushes but then decided to continue painting instead of consoling her. This is the point when she tells George “we choose things and then we lose things and there are Louis’ and there are Georges. Well, Louis and George. But George has George, and I need someone.” As…show more content…
This is a modern day story of Man vs his inner self. George has an inner conflict that we all can relate to as we watch it being played out on stage. I learned that music plays a huge role in adding emphasis or expression to a scene. Unlike some other forms plays have to be a bit more exaggerated because they rely heavily on actors and have a lot fewer bells and whistles. By watching this play on video I also learned that the video took away the realism. It made the set and props look fake, as in this play the animals and trees were all cutouts and looked unrealistic. In a video version of a play it also loses the interaction and reaction of the audience. It makes it hard bring out the same emotion, tension and energy of the production that you would get in a live version. The last thing I learned is that you don’t get the same level of excitement from watching a play unfold live knowing there are no retakes or editing when the actors mess up like there would be in a video version of a

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