Analyse The Role Of Deviance In Gang Organizations

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a. Deviance: Page 194, the violation of norms (or rules or expectations).

This gang is a deviant group of people because they are breaking the rules of law. They extort money from business owner for protection. They are taking over large areas of entire cities and they are expecting non-gang membered people to follow their rules or face the consequences. This could include being beaten or worse killed. This gang is actually so large that they have infiltrated large areas of South and Central America, and they are trying to take over large areas of the United States. This gang has become so large in fact that they are under the watch of the FBI. If gang members break the rules then these people are dealt with by either being beaten, but the rule breaker will more than likely be killed for their own deviance. If gang members are caught by law enforcement, they are usually deported back to their home country as they are here in the United States illegally.

b. Crime: Page 195, the violation of norms written into law. …show more content…

Gang wars are prevalent in areas of cities where major gang activity is in abundance. These gangs extort money from non-gang members on a monthly basis to provide protection. However, in actuality the gang may also chose to let bad things happen to these people that they extorted money from for protection. If the people chose not to pay for the protection, the gang can do a number of things to these people from beating them to burning their property to prove their point of “you will pay us.” The gangs have gang wars in which they willing kill other people to protect their territory that they deem as being their

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