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Analyses About Atticus Finch From To Kill A Mockingbird Doesn’t Atticus Finch, the most sagacious character from the book called To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, provide tons of valuable lessons that can influentially change people’s lives? Go into Atticus’s heart deeply to feel his overflowing wisdom for logical problem-solving skills. As a matter of fact, Atticus doesn’t only solve problems, that occur in the society. Atticus takes enormous roles in To Kill A Mockingbird because he has strong resolution for keeping moral justices, lively heroism through overwhelming situations, and reverence towards any people. Firstly, Atticus has strong resolution for keeping moral justices. In chapters 9 and 16, Atticus is very determined to defend…show more content…
When the Judge Taylor, Atticus, and Mayella have interview at the court, Mayella starts crying, because of her lies about Tom Robinson. When Mayella cries, Atticus doesn’t show that he feels Mayella is lying, because Atticus respects her. Additionally, Atticus doesn’t accuse Mayella for not telling the truth. Moreover, Atticus approaches Mayella with his courteousness by calling her “Ma’am.” Furthermore, Atticus respects Tom Robin, who seems like a criminal even though he is not. Unlike the townspeople, Atticus doesn’t use discrimination to Tom Robinson for being black. Because Atticus respects Tom Robinson, Atticus strives to bring civil rights to Tom Robinson while people are not respecting Tom. Accordingly, Atticus’s reverence to other people represents that he is respectful. In conclusion, Atticus is stiffly determined, vigorously bold, and extremely respectful. His character traits helps the book called To Kill A Mockingbird to contain what aspects people should emulate atticus about in order to have better personalities. In the book, Atticus’s educational quotes and ideas make the book to sound judicious. To Kill A Mockingbird brings lots of vital themes to the readers and meaningful knowledge by using Atticus Finch, the most sagacious
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