Binge Drinking In College

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College is an experimental time of self-discovery consisting of independence, growth, and learning. Although it’s easier said than done to establish one’s independence and confidence, this is one of the biggest struggle’s new students face. Anxiety is the main cause of alcohol abuse in students, they are free for the first time and have many opportunities to use it as a coping mechanism. Although consuming alcohol isn’t entirely bad, it is something that needs to be consumed in moderation. Binge drinking is a serious concern in modern university culture. “Excessive drinking over a short amount of time is known as binge drinking. In order to be considered a “binge,” the drinker’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) must reach or exceed 0.08…show more content…
College sports bring about the most pride in one’s school, therefore the team is celebrated. Drinking and sports seem to be tradition, stadiums are often sponsored by alcohol brands and if you’re watching the game on television there is a large chance you will see an ad for beer. On campus students are tailgating and tend to drink while cheering on their team. Although this can take a turn when there is no moderation “This accepted behavior sets a dangerous scene for students who may drink in excess for two to three hours before a game, continue drinking during the game and then party even harder when the game is over. Knocking back five drinks in two hours isn’t too difficult to fathom when it’s an all-day event” (Yagoda). When drinking prior, during, and after the game it can be toxic and this is why moderation is so…show more content…
Her whole point of her writing is stressing how important self-care is despite external factors whether that be an object or a human. Students with anxiety are considered mentally sick (sounds more negative than it actually is), but not all are diagnosed. Her form of self-medicating/care is not doing her treatment, although the doctor’s think she’s a fool for rejecting treatment it’s more beneficial for her mental sake. Truly what she believes will heal her (not doing treatment) will actually better herself more than treatment would. If she were to give into her treatment she would feel miserable and regretful ultimately not bettering herself. If we take Audre’s story and put it in a student’s shoes, it’d be the same premise despite the different situations. Peers may say drinking will put you at ease when really it puts you in more distress after. Lorde states that we need to identify our needs in order to bring us to peace “Another secret to find something your soul craves for nourishment – a religion, a quiet spot, a dance class – and satisfy it” (Lorde 4). By making simple lifestyle changes like altering your diet, stop binge drinking, remove stressors, and improving sleeping habits will significantly reduce anxiety. What other’s see as the best “treatment” for you isn’t always what is right for you. You know yourself more than
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