Analysis: A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thompson

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Written Assignment #6 In Judith Jarvis Thompson’s article, A Defense of Abortion, where Thompson discusses argues that abortion is not always permissible, but permissible in certain circumstances; such as, the abortion is done attempt to save the mother’s life and in cases of rape. However, I do not believe provides a solid enough argument in stating that abortion is immoral in nearly all circumstances. In this argument, Thompson takes on the perceptive that the fetus is a living person. Thompson believes abortion in only acceptable in very rare circumstances; such as rape. Thompson states, “I am arguing for the permissibility of abortion in some cases, I am not arguing for the right to secure the death of the unborn child” (335). In a famous scenario of Thompson, she refers to a woman being forced to provide nutrients and support to a famous violinist for nine months as they are connected by a tube. At the end of the nine months, she can go back to her normal life. Thompson refers to this scenario in support of abortion in cases of rape because the women is being forced to care…show more content…
In her pollen seed scenario, Thompson discusses how the owner takes every step possible in order to prevent the pollen seeds from entering her house, but they have somehow managed to find their way into her house. The owner should not be forced to have these seeds grow in her house, but should be allowed to get them out. Secondly, the owner took all the proper steps in order to prevent the seeds from entering, this does not mean she should cement and fill in all windows so she no longer has windows. I do not believe this is a solid argument. If one takes all the proper steps to prevent a pregnancy, then I believe they should not be forced to carry the baby. I like the analogy, but I have a different look and approach to the
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