Summary: A Friendship That Testified

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A Friendship That Testified “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”-Martin Luther King Jr. After a visit with a recently changed friend, Chuck Colson, special advisor to the president, experienced an astounding change in his life as he accepted Christ. Because of this revolution, a friend of Colson’s decided to himself that Colson should meet Harold Hughes, who was another politician and a strong believer. However, both Colson and Hughes responded to this idea with skepticism and had misgivings about the thought, because while Colson served as a republican, Hughes served as a democrat, and they had highly differing views. Both of the two grown men despised each other, and Hughes declared once that he hated no one…show more content…
Dreadful regret filled the mind and heart of this once conceited man, and a longing for redemption swept over him. Chuck Colson dearly desired a renewed behavior and outlook on life, in which he put God first, instead of himself. Yet, turning his life around did not prove simple. However, after he befriended Hughes, Hughes continually encouraged Colson’s endeavor for a fresh start. If ever Colson started to slip, Hughes brought him back up and assisted him in pushing on, even through the hard times. Hughes and the other brothers, constantly inspired him to change even more and pursue an even closer relationship with the Lord. Meeting and forming a relationship with previous enemy Harold Hughes, sent Colson on the way of healing many more old wounds. Throughout prayer meetings, and various events, Colson encountered many whom he had offended or hated in his previous years, however with the thought of how he and Hughes forgave and forgot, he strove to do the same and presented apology after apology to people, lifting burdens and creating companionships. That one quiet evening, sprung Colson into a constant pursuance of a new start and a better life, putting God above anything
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