Analysis: Blue Skin Of The Sea

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The theme of chapter six, in the book “Blue Skin of the Sea”, is, even if someone isn’t present on Earth, they are present in your heart. This means that maybe someone might not live, or walk on Earth, but they live in someone 's heart, and will always be remembered even if they passed. First of all, on page one hundred and six, Sonny thinks, “To him, and to Aunty Pearl, my mother was Crissy with her hand on Dad’s chest, not just an old photograph in a picture album.” Sonny is saying how his mother is more than just a photographic memory. She is a memory that is still alive to her dad. Secondly, on page ninety-six, Sonny thinks about how his mother is a memory to the dad and him. “Yet the picture of her hand on Dad’s chest stayed with me long
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