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The film City of God is directed by Fernando Meirelles in 2002. It is based on a novel of the same name by Paulo Lins in 1996. City of God is the name of the slum in Rio de Janeiro. The film is shut inside a real slum, and shows the violence in it. In the film, there is a character that represent hope, Rocket, who dreams of becoming a photographer. After watching the film, personally I can see how these people in the city of god slum live and how they are isolated from other cities of the same country. So we conclude themes like what crime can plays in association with poverty, social influence, and lack of law.
The first scene is full of points that remarks many things. It starts with close up of a guy sharpening a knife. The chicken was looking like it seeks for freedom. Then we see other shots of feather and people, and back to the chicken that knows what fate is waiting for it. When it runs we feel its fear like we are with it. He uses fast cutting and close ups from the very beginning of the film. So we can’t see clearly as well as we are hearing different sounds that noted many things. The chicken was just like a beginning of what will happen from killings and so many other things throughout the film. This can give us an idea of what will be dominant in this city or that slum of Rio de Janeiro. Also in the opening scene, Rocket appears in
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Also an important thing when he shows us different eras, so we can see the people how they living especialy the children. In one of the eras, the children have hope of change and living a life like any other child, the innocence and childlihood, and in other era like they are okay with that life and can take it as a habit and a way of living if there is no other choice for surviving. So there childlihood and fate are lost in drugs, killing, and so on from the aggressive violent actions, and from the isolation that they grow up

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