Analysis: Direc Direct Democracy

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Which type of government is the best? The word government defines as the ruling body of a nation(s), but broken down to its root word, which is govern. Govern is the managing of policies, laws, and actions of an organization, community, or individuals. While a majority of people only see government as a group of higher ranked people in fancy suits, getting their income by telling their citizens what is wrong, what is right, and what amounts of money to pay each year. Then again, they’re people who hear the word government and automatically think of people such as Judge Judy that are high in intelligence and deserve all the respect their citizens can give them because they are our ruler. So the question is, which form of government is best at telling their citizens what to do while keeping the country in order? I believe it is direct democracy.…show more content…
This is giving the citizens all the govern power in their own hands. As opposed to Representative Democracy, which is the electing of officials to represent you and the actions you’d like to happen in your country, such as a law you 'd like to pass, etc.. In comparing representative to direct democracy, direct gives citizens complete control on giving their opinion and having their voice be heard, other than electing a group of
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